Netizens say virus is wrath of God: What do you think?

The virus spreading in China is a sign God is angry with the Chinese government, says Netizens on social media.

There are many reasons for that they say, but the among them are the bullying of Muslims in Xinjiang.

There is also the mistreatment of animals, dogs in particular, and the use of exotic animals as food. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Live frog, live rats, cooking dogs alive and eating snakes or bat soup. There are the reasons, according to some netizens, for the wrath of God on China.

Reports say the Wuhan virus may have started with humans consuming snake meat. The meat was probably obtained from an animal market in Wuhan.

In past cases, virus such as the Wuhan virus originates from bats.


Screen shot from a video which shows a man taking a live frog in his hand and biting its head…

The rapid spread of the virus and the potential death toll in China is alarming. But for some people, it is a lesson for China.

In China, the authorities have listed at least 450 people as critically ill. The figures vary. They may increase or decrease by tomorrow.

However, the sad part is the attack on the Chinese in some parts of the world. News reports suggest people in some countries are openly blaming the Chinese tourists for the virus spread.

A man holding a baton in his hand and ready to hit the head of the dog on the leash to kill it. The video footage circulating on WhatsApp is horrifying!

But online, it is the lifestyle of some Chinese that is targeted.

While these netizens are not angry at any officials specifically, they chose to say China is paying for its arrogance.

They also say the Chinese people should take heed and eat proper food. They share their disgusts at videos circulating online. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

The videos show Chinese-looking people eating rats alive, or biting into frog heads while the animal is alive.

Other videos show a Chinese looking man bashing a dog to death, to be used for meat, apparently.

See some here:

TikTok video showing bat in a bowl of soup – location taken is not mentioned

WUHAN ANIMAL MARKET = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

By now, the videos of bat soup and grilled bats would have made the round on social media.

They are available from various sources on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Not to mention other social media networks or websites and blogs that has been posting these eerie and disgusting videos.

One fact stands out however. It is the spread of the virus in Wuhan linked to the meat or animals from the Wuhan Animal Market.

The authorities in China has not given more explanation on the origin of the virus, but initial reports suggest it is from the market.

The market, as said before, sells exotic animals including camel meat, snakes, bats, and other.

What do you think of these attacks and accusations against the Chinese? = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

On Twitter, someone is praying for China:

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