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An article by Tita Smith for Daily Mail Australia could spark a row between Australia and Indonesia on the coronavirus.

The article says Australia believes Indonesia is a risk for widespread coronavirus outbreak.

The article did not give much detail whether it is an official stance from Australia, or a media bashing.

It bases its belief on a World Health Organisation is concern about Indonesia.

WHO says Indonesia lacks in preparedness to handle a coronavirus outbreak, urging it to improve its surveillance.

This has to be part of preparations to detect and be ready in case the deadly virus comes to Indonesia.


The country has so far seen no outbreak of the virus. Tests on 38 people in Indonesia is negative.

Indonesia has a population of 264 million people and has not reported a single case. This augurs well for the Indonesians but also for the region.

However, the Aussies are making a big fuss about perceived lacking in Indonesia’s health sector.

The Australians are saying some people may have gone undetected in the country.

But WHO Indonesia says the country has taken concrete measures and more can still be done.

On the other hand, The Jakarta Post reveals the local health ministry has a lab that can detect the virus.

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The Health Ministry said it has all the required resources to test patients.

The ministry says Indonesia has followed guidelines set by the WHO since late December.

it says it has a particular reagents – a substance or compound used in chemical analysis – which will react to coronavirus.

The laboratory is capable of testing up to 1,200 samples and accredited for emerging and re-emerging diseases.

Australia has however suggested there may be loopholes in the system in Indonesia. Whether it can stop a pandemic or not.

The question is whether Australia can really stop a pandemic itself? China has failed and is paying a big price for it.

Sidney Morning Herald based its article on first hand accounts of people who did not get proper treatment in Indonesia.

A tourist says he was not given treatment and was shifted from department to department at a hospital.

He says the nurses did not wear masks and used their bare hands to treat patients.

According to WHO guidelines, a sick person with infection has to wear masks.

Thus, non-infected nurses following WHO guidelines do not have to wear masks. Right? = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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