Saudi Arabia prepares to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Against all odds, the new regime in Saudi Arabia is preparing its people to celebrate the once ‘haram’ Valentine’s Day.

The Arab News portal and print media in Saudi Arabia has an entire narrative about the special day.

It says the country is gearing to celebrate the one’s ‘haram’ event tomorrow with pomp and glory.

The paper even has a guideline in PDF posted on its portal showing the do’s and don’ts of the Valentine day.

This is the first time that Valentine’s Day will be official in the conservative Saudis.

The paper says Saudis are buying extravagant gifts, flowers, cheesy balloons and even the cliched teddy bears.

Arab News says, “Hearts and flowers are everywhere as the Kingdom prepares to celebrate the once ‘haram’ Valentine’s Day tomorrow”

Twitter is abuzz with the official and legal launch of Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia.

Some Twitter users are saying in Iran, it is a celebration.

Hence, why not in Saudi Arabia?

Furthermore, the Saudis are always traveling outside Saudi Arabia to nearby countries like Bahrain and the UAE to get a feel of the celebrations.

Others are making a fuss or having fun about the ‘guidelines’ from the ‘ruler of Saudi Arabia.


Nevertheless, Arab News says the change in attitude in Saudi Arabia about the day came in 2018.

It says the former Makkah CPVPV President Sheikh Ahmed Qasim Al-Ghamdi said Valentine’s Day did not contradict Islamic teaching or doctrine.

Celebrating love was universal, and is not for non-Muslims alone, was his statement.

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