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This is how Indonesia stops the Wuhan virus spread

An isolated Island in the Natuna is what Indonesia did to prevent a spread of the virus on the archipelago.

The country did that to save the 270 million population from a possible outbreak.

The decision was met with anger and scepticism by the habitants of the Natuna Islands, but it was irreversible.

And this is how the Indonesian government acted swiftly against the spread of the deadly virus.

There were 285 Indonesian citizens who were quarantined in Natuna. They consisted of 238 Indonesians who were picked up from Wuhan, China.

Add to that are 48 people from a joint pick up team and Batik Air crew. Until now the identities of the Indonesian citizens quarantined are kept secret.

They do not want backlash against the families and the individuals once the issue is cleared.


However, the Government continues to issue information about their condition. The news was spread through the Ministry of Health’s official account on Twitter.

When they arrived, the passengers were greeted by men in bright yellow protective suits. The men kept spraying at them with disinfectant as they exited the Batik Air Indonesian flight.

Those from Wuhan, a majority were students, were seen in a video on Twitter by @KemenkesRI account on Thursday 2 February.

During the observation period, they were required to exercise every morning.

A video uploaded by the Ministry of Health shows the isolated group doing aerobic movements accompanied by a reggae song.

The government also established a field hospital complete with mini ICU facilities at the observation site.

The hospital is staffed by five specialist doctors, two general practitioners and one nurse.

Specialists from the Gatot Soebroto Army Hospital in Jakarta in lung, heart, internal medicine, and anaesthesia were also brought to the Island.

The Ministry of Health explained the tents occupied by the quarantined people were routinely disinfected.

They say it was necessary to maintain the health of its residents.

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