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A Power struggle within Malaysia’s government

A power struggle within the Malaysian government is now in the open after months of slow cooking on the fire.

A roller coaster Sunday but only a small mouse came out of what was to be a massive announcement.

It turned out to be another failed attempt to break the Pakatan Harapan government. But we all know the PH is doomed unless the rightful owners kick out the betrayers!

Yet, the actors working for a new regime to replace the PH are still active. They are trying to form a new government.

At their head is Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who has not denied anything.

He did not deny there is an attempt to form a new regime, he did not deny he is to be the leader of the new government.

He did not deny altogether that he met the King of Malaysia on Sunday with a list of MPs he says will support him.


The Sheraton Hotel in Petaling Jaya was the focus of the day on Sunday. But nothing came out of it, except that now people know who are the betrayers.

There is now a list of 15 MPs from the party of Anwar Ibrahim, the PKR, who are publicly against their party.

They are not leaving the party because they want to win control of the organisation. But this is not happening altogether because they do not have the majority.

Reports from the PKR says the 15 MPs and members will face the disciplinary board. This may catapult their exit from the party. Once they lose the party posts and membership, they will become useless.

Whether the party can still rule the country if it loses the MPs or not will depend on the majority the PH has in Parliament.

The latest information is the new coalition in the making did not get a majority in the Parliament.

The announcement expected at the Sheraton Hotel yesterday did not happen because of disagreements.

The parties involved did not agree on the cabinet quota. They are fighting to get ministers posts. They failed to agree on those.

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