Iran 50 dead, Italy 5 and Coronavirus is raging in South Korea!

Panic in Europe while schools are closing and gatherings are banned in Italy where a fifth virus-related death is reported.

The Italy death toll comes along new pockets of infection in South Korea and Iran.

On Monday, Italy reported a fifth death from the coronavirus forcing authorities to impose quarantines.

The country also implements other restrictions in its economic heartland.

Italy’s outbreak is the world’s third-biggest national outbreak after China and South Korea.


The Independent UK says 50 people died in Iran’s city of Qom. However, a health ministry official in Iran says only 12 people died.

The deaths are related to the Coronavirus, reports say.

It is impossible to confirm the 50 death in Iran, however, and most agencies are following the authorities figure.

But on Monday, a lawmaker from Qom accused Iran’s health minister of lying about the scale of the outbreak.

Qom is a Shia holy city 75 miles (120 km) south of the capital, Tehran.


What is confirmed is there are with 209 confirmed cases in Italy alone.

Ireland says its citizens should not travel to parts of Italy affected by the outbreak.

The Italian government closed off the worst-hit areas in the northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto.

They fear more infections and deaths.

More to follow!

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