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An Exodus of British Muslims happening now says, columnist

A columnist for the Independent UK says there is an exodus of Muslims happening right now in the UK.

They are packing their belongings, parting ways with loved ones and careers and migrating.

They are British Muslims who lived in the UK for generations. But in recent years, the rise in hate crime has rocketed.

For some, it is now too dangerous to stay in the UK. What the columnist is worried bout even more is that no one is blinking an eye.


The columnist, Shayma Bakht, says this is contrary to the narrative from the mainstream papers saying bearded men are invading the UK.

She says a significant number of Muslims are leaving their homeland because of the rise in hate crimes.

“Muslims are leaving their homeland because of rising rates of targeted religious hate crimes.

“Despite this reality, harmful discourse in the media, politics and places of power continues to contribute to an increasingly hostile environment that is driving British Muslims away.”

Some are moving to Pakistan, others just simply want to move out of the UK.

In 2018, 720 Muslim women experienced street-based attacks, 480 of them were visible targets.

Boris Johnson’s rise as prime minister is partly to blame for the rise in Islamophobic attacks.

There was a 475 per cent increase in attacks against Muslims following the referendum result.

After Boris Johnson’s comment calling veiled Muslim women “letterboxes” in 2018, anti-Muslim attacks increased by 375 per cent the next week.

Attackers are emboldened by the people in power who continue to fuel their hate with thoughtless and provocative words.

Shayma Bhakt


Ryan Air’s CEO openly links all men of “Muslim persuasion” to bombers.

This does not help in the UK where the rise of Islamophobia is the cause of aggression against Muslims.

Two days ago, the CEO of Ryanair got called out for his Islamophobic comments.

The airline chief saying that “bombers” were generally male and Muslim.

We are not putting his name in the article because we think he should be banned like the terrorists!

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