This is how Mahathir gambled and lost power

This is how Dr Mahathir, the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia, gambled and lost.

Though in politics a week is too long, especially in the Malaysian context,

Mahathir lost in this gamble to transform Malaysia into a ‘presidential’ like regime.

His offer to build a government without parties did not go down well with the parties. They want to keep their identity.

We believe Mahathir was aware of his party, the Bersatu, not being on board with this radical plan.

The plan means a total shift in Malaysia’s parliamentary democracy, breaking party loyalty.


Nevertheless, it’s over for his plan and it seems over for the Pakatan Harapan. At least for now.

Pakatan under Mahathir did not succeed in its mission. The failure is as much a Mahathir failure, as it is a Pakatan Harapan failure. They must share the blame.

They came to power on the premises of change, of a better Malaysia but essentially on the basis of the Buku Harapan.

The Buku Harapan is engraved in many people’s memory. They will not pardon Mahathir and PH for failing to implement it.

The ex-PH government and ex-ministers may come and say they tried, or they implemented a majority of the plans. But failing to touch on the big issues that helped bring Barisan Nasional down, is unforgivable.


Mahathir lost his appeal. This is the main reason his plans to by-pass handing over the baton to Anwar did not work out for him.

His plan was to remain as PM while Anwar kowtows to him, the ultimate leader.

With his submission of his resignation to the Agong, he was thinking he will get MPs to rally to him.

He also thought the people will see him as the saviour of the nation. But instead, he pressed the ‘self destruct’ button.

We did say after the PH Presidential Council meeting on Feb 21 he was given a ‘self-destruct’ button.

We also said he will have to be careful how to use it as it may end his political career.

This is what he did exactly. He miss-used it, he destroyed his reign and sunk the PH.

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