This is how Mahathir shot his own foot to stop Anwar = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

This is how Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the ex-PM of Malaysia, shot his own foot and brought down the government.

While shooting his own foot, deliberately, he stopped Anwar on his march to become PM of Malaysia.

But it is not only Mahathir to blame for the circus. His party, the Bersatu, played a bigger role.

MPs and Ministers from the PKR, Anwar’s party, also played a bigger role than Mahathir in shooting down the PH.

Pakatan Harapan started on solid grounds. There was an aim, an enemy to fight. This brought Mahathir’s party, Bersatu to form the Pakatan with Anwar’s gang.


We said it in an article 7 months ago. Bersatu joined PH while it carried a lot of heavy baggage with it. Mahathir left the Umno and created Bersatu with people who also left Umno.

To begin with, one should not really trust people who leave their party where they have been for decades. They may betray you also. They did.

Many among the Bersatu members were never going to be ‘reformists’. They stood by their party in fighting against the reform movement in Malaysia.

The sudden turning against their party to join a reform movement on the verge of winning an election contributed to PH’s woes. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});


Besides the dirty linen brought by Mahathir to the PH, he was already too old. With almost two years of holding the PM post, he got older.

He started to stutter in his speeches, catching up on his breathing between phrases and having difficulty speaking.

Mahathir allowed himself to be used by both the Bersatu and the Azmin Ali gang in the PKR.

They created a divide in the PH regime and Anwar’s absence in the Cabinet forged by Mahathir acerbated the split.

We could slowly see the divide between the Ministers and the Party stakeholders. Anwar was out of touch of the regime’s intentions.

The failure to implement the reformasi plan was because some ministers were not interested in that.

They knew all along they were jumping to the opposition to form a backdoor government.

BETRAYING MAHATHIR = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

In this drama worth the epic series of the Game of Thrones, it is not Anwar that got betrayed.

While Mahathir quit his post of PM to backstab Anwar, Mahathir’s party members backstabbed him.

The blue-eyed boys and girls from the PKR who always sided with Mahathir, who is not their party leader, did the same.

They jumped on the first occasion they got to dump Mahathir for the remnants of the defeated regime in 2018.

And this is how Mahathir, the old fox, finds the stage empty while he is howling about those who think betrayed him.

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