Saudi Arabia and Indonesia’s first coronavirus infection

Saudi Arabia and Indonesia report their first case of the coronavirus.

The Kingdom had been free of the virus for more than three months and like Indonesia, became another country facing it.

The Saudi virus patient travelled from Iran via Bahrain over the King Fahad Causeway, the Health Ministry said on Monday. 

The man is in quarantine and all those he has been in contact with are being tested.


There are growing fears that a surge in the number of those infected in Iran is threatening the whole region.

The virus has now spread to 66 countries and originates from China.

Arab News says almost all those infected in the ME recently travelled to Iran, or have been in contact with someone who has been there.

The virus has killed more people in Iran than anywhere except China.

A team from the World Health Organization arrived in Tehran on Monday with medical supplies, protective equipment.

They also brought laboratory kits to test nearly 100,000 people.

Nine other ME countries have reported cases of the virus. Tunisia and Jordan report their first infections.

Ten new cases are reported in Kuwait, six each in Iraq and Bahrain, four more in Qatar, three in Lebanon, two in Iraq and a second case in Egypt.


Indonesian President Joko Widodo says two Indonesians were tested positive for the COVID-19. They are the first two confirmed cases of the disease in the country. 

Jokowi said the two people, a 64-year-old and her 31-year-old daughter, had been in contact with a Japanese citizen who tested positive in Malaysia on Feb. 27 after visiting Indonesia in early February. 

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