Will Dr M go to Parliament and risk sitting in opposition?

Will Dr M go to Parliament and risk sitting in opposition?

March 5, 2020 0 By WFTV
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Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be forced to sit on the other side of the Parliamentary divide if Pakatan Harapan fails to get a majority in Parliament.

PM Muhyiddin’s delaying the Parliament seating to May 18 is a tactical move to thwart Mahathir.

If Mahathir has a majority in Parliament, it may wane and dwindle by the time Parliament seats.

Muhyiddin, a member of Mahathir’s party, took power by overtaking Mahathir in the scuffle for the top post.

Mahathir says he made a mistake resigning. This is after realising that his party was plotting to get rid him of as PM behind his back.


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Nevertheless, a very interesting situation will develop in Malaysia, a first indeed.

There is a high chance the country will see a former PM sit in Parliament as the opposition leader.

Malaysia never had a Prime Minister who took oath as the opposition leader.

And this incredible situation will be because Mahathir resigned, not because he is defeated in a general election.

In Malaysia’s 60 decades of political history, most Prime Ministers resigned to quit politics. Except for Dr Mahathir, a political animal who returned triumphantly as the country’s 7th PM.

With this, he created history. But it did not last long. Neither the feel-good factor after his big win in 2018 nor his attempt to return as 8th PM.


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If anyone remembers the days of reformasi and the street fights, they will recall how the support for Anwar dwindled.

Within days and weeks, after he was sent to jail, Anwar saw close collaborators abandon him. They either kept their ministerial seats or left the reformasi movement to rejoin Umno.

Dr Mahathir, once an excellent string-puller was strong enough to clean the Umno of pro-Anwar sentiments.

This time around, he did not have a strong grip on the Bersatu party. They made their manoeuvres in the dark to get rid of him.

He is back to the PH and surely he will go to Parliament (if it will seat on May 18) as the PM-to-be.

This is not funny, but Mahathir has overtaken Anwar as the PM-to-be!

However, the delays in the Parliament seating is a sign there will be a lot of canvassing to get MPs to switch sides.

Mahathir has a tough call. He has to keep the 112 or so MPs PH claims it has in Parliament together. If one of them jump ship to the Perikatan Nasional of Muhyiddin, it’s over for the PH.

This will then mean Mahathir will have to sit on the other side of the Parliament, where Najib Razak was seated since 2018.

That is in the opposition camp.

Will Mahathir accept that? Or will he then decide to quit politics and leave the Parliament once and for all?

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