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Mahathir deliberately quit, sabotaging Anwar: Analyst

Speaking to WFTV, an analyst says ex-PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad resigned in order to block Anwar Ibrahim.

Speaking in Malay, he says Mahathir is listening to his advisers who do not want Anwar to become Prime Minister.

“In fact, Mahathir does not recognize the agreement made in PH. At the same time, he rejects the possibility of Anwar becoming PM.

“He based his move on advice given to him and quitting was part of the counsel given,” says the analyst.

On whether Mahathir respects the PH, the analyst says, “He doesn’t care about other people’s feelings in the coalition.”


The analyst says following the recent political squabble, it is clear Mahathir’s reign could be over.

“The people in his own party outmanoeuvred him. With one stroke the Bersatu got Anwar and Mahathir checkmated,” says the analyst.

“Both Mahathir and Anwar has political skills of the past. For Anwar, he has to decide.

“Work with Mahathir who has been defeated heavily this time around? Or move on and recreate his opposition grouping,” he says.

Mahathir has attacked Anwar recently saying the latter knows only how to get into politicking and cannot run anything.

Anwar hit back at Mahathir saying why are people still attacking him? He says he is still open to working with Mahathir.

“But in politics, it is the winner that counts. Mahathir lost. But he is still with PH. Why?”


He says for two years Pakatan Harapan gave a terrible example of governance under Mahathir as PM.

They failed in most attempts they made to get the country back on the rails. There were people who were counting who are the MPs supporting their backdoor plans.

There were others who were just trying to block Anwar from becoming PM.

And some were enjoying their short time as Minister and so on.

This is a backlash for PH, he says.

“They were hostage to Mahathir’s plans to sabotage Anwar,” he says.

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