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VIDEO: From animals to humans: The rise of coronavirus

China is laying low on the origin of the Covid19. Some of its experts are saying it is not from an animal source.

But they fail to explain why it spread across the country and now across the globe.

Did it originate from the live exotic animal market place in Wuhan? Some Chinese think tanks say it does not come from there.

Lately, some Chinese officials are saying it is the American army who brought it to Wuhan.


Nevertheless, the world should be wary of China as the source of viruses.

This video tells you about the animal link in both the SARS and the COVID19 outbreak.

What it is not telling us that both SARS and COVID19 originates from China. And if this is any indication, China has to buckle up and upgrade its health standards.

Otherwise, it may be recognised as the source of all the corona-like viruses outbreak in the world.

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