China’s brutal, forceful lockdown worked!

China stunned the world after shutting down Wuhan, the centre of the coronavirus outbreak.

It was to prevent further spread of the disease, officials say.

Wuhan population of 11 million, and tens of millions more people in nearby cities were under lockdown. Many countries did not believe Beijing’s approach was effective.

A brutal quarantine never tried before in the modern world. It worked despite skepticism from ‘experts’.

Transport into and out of Wuhan shut down, with no exceptions even for personal and medical emergencies.

Residents could not leave, requiring them to order in food and other supplies from couriers.

Officials did an aggressive door to door health check and it was isolation for anyone ill.

It was brutal, forceful but people obeyed! Extensive controls were ordered across China for fear people running from Wuhan could have spread Covid-19.

While China went through tough times, the rest of the world took it lightly. In the UK and US and elsewhere the Wuhan-style measures were not ‘the’ requirement to contain the disease!

Today, UK, US and the world is attacked by invisible enemy!

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