18/APRIL 2020

NIGHT, ........................... Don't be easy at night, Night is deep and dark, Think it may be ur last night, Slowly but surely the night will die, U may see how the night is dying, 
Through ur wise brain u will feel, Life's end is dark or  will it be a bright light, End of material life, 
Night is only a lesson, Lesson.for wise brain, Because wise brain never sleeps easily at night, 
Crying and asking entire night, Begging favours day and night, Wise brain knows valve of the night, 
Don't waste dark and deep night, Wise brain feels near death, And vision the ever so dark grave, 
Darker than the darkness of night, Wise brain doesn't say to dark night, U owe me this night, 
In fact it begs for the night, Dark night and black grave, Think both are near togather, Look what happened in these nights, 
Black nights in in lockdown, Lights dying and darkness born, Don't take it easy, Make the best of ur night, 
Think it may be ur last night, In grave it be ur first night, 

Copyright by Sir Ahmed bilal scientificalternative@yahoo.ca

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