19/APRIL 2020

Dear readers Hope u r doing well in this Covid 19 fear time, Thanks to God I m also doing great by doing few creative work like diagnostic neuroscience face reading and holistic HEALING virtual consultations as well as medication ,and reading writing, Just I was doing inside morning walk then in the mean time was thinking that today I should write something different,I started listening to my mind and it gave me great idea that brain is our post office,which I like myself and hope u will also like and hoping get some comments and u forward to others so in order to others can understand brain is our post office ,,,

HUMAN BRAIN IS UR POST OFFICE HUMAN, ………………………………. Human brain is ur post office, All different types letters , It receives day and night, It delivers and sends To different addresses, Some cantain different messages, Some with great happiness, Some with heart wrenching sadness, Brain is secret post office, Always welcoming different types of letters, With great patience, Never puts them in the dustbin, Brain has power to read, All letters contents without opening, But does honour not to disclose, Brain knows who’s message is With sadness and happiness, But keeps it a secret and mystery, Not to be disclosed, Ur brain is ur post office, Welcoming all letters, Keeping all secrets with trust, And sends and deliver then with honour, Doesn’t open someone’s privacy, Brain is the head post master of ur Body, Who runs the whole body, Body organs are workers of brain post office, Brain orders all the organs, And runs this great post office, Every organ is different post of man, Brain sends them to deliver the different letters, Some time toxic letters, And some natural messages, Brain is ur great post office, Always maintain and take care it,

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