Beggars and homeless

17/APRIL 2020,
The night is dark and silent
The moon ever so radiant
People locked in their homes
While beggars still roam
Lockdown has become more strict
But the beggar still Hope’s to eat
The only fear he has
Is not to die because no one cares
While u fear Corona on ur door
Did u stop to think about the poor
While u fear that death might come ur way
He sleeps hungry everyday
Corona tells him silently
I am also hungry
I am just an excuse
To make the saitan loose,
I m not angel of death
Only created to be a threat
I’m ur friend and fear for those ,
Who are in their modern cages,
And have made technology their stages
So many have sleepless nights
And have failed to see Gods lights
I’m also under command of
Almighty of God,
Watching people’s excuses
Make me surprise at how useless
Humans are so untamed
Only letting gods test be renamed
Blaming me for their lockdown
But it is because they forgot to bow down
Spending days in backbiting
Nights go in intermingling
We are following the order of the Lord
While they have forgotten they God
This isnt anyone’s fault but their own
Only later will it be known
I’m not here to kill them
But to remind them

Sir Ahmed bilal

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