Kashmir: A dream, a poem

APRIL 29, 2020
At night a little moment dream,
Dream very deep with childhood school memory,
With primary school class mates,
Near Batamaloo bus station,
School mates forcing me to
Please say some lines,
About this beautiful morning.
I said,
How lucky we are to have this beautiful morning,
Fresh and greenery,
How lucky we are to be living in this beautiful land,
Land of paradise,
Paradise on earth,
Great and so beautiful my dear friend,
Firdous my best friend said to me,
Firdous means heaven,
This little moment dream was very deep,
With great hopeful feelings and meanings,
Suddenly I awoke up my slumber,
And found myself in this real world,
World of isolation and lockdown,
Time has lapsed so quickly,
Once I was living in a land of paradise,
Then Almighty God changed my Destiny,
Shifted me to another country,
Then I was send back to land of paradise,
But it was changed and no more was it land of paradise,
It is now a conflict zone,
Where bloodshed is routine,
Where people cry for right of self determination,
Firdous my childhood mate is also no longer known anymore,
Who vanished and disappeared forever,
His mother wanted till her last breath for him,
But never found his whereabouts,
Father was killed by torture and thrown on the same road,
Where firdous and I had played whole day,
Land of paradise
Paradise on earth,
Now most hell zone,
Where innocents disappear and torture is the order of the day,
Where screams and cries are unheard,
A little moment dream,
Which was gift of Almighty God,
It was part of mercy of Almighty God,
Thanks to Almighty God,
For a little moment dream,
Always we should thank almighty God,
Whatever we get to reminisce about past memories,
As well as our daily ability to live and breath,

Copyright by Sir Ahmed Bilal scientificalternative@yahoo.ca

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