VIDEO: The winners and losers of the MCO!

Here we present to you what we think are the Top 5 Losers and Winners of COVID-19 MCO!

Loser: Malaysia’s economy. It registered RM63 billion in losses and counting ….

Winner: Malaysians’ health, with the COVID-19 curve successfully flattened!

Loser: Pakatan Harapan. Duduk diam-diam- No politics!

Winner: Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yasin who handled the crisis quite well.

Malaysian PM Muhyiddin Yasin

Loser: Food stall operators but the Winners are: Food delivery services.

Loser: Non-essential items. Companies selling cigarettes, for example, faced competition from illegal and contraband cigarettes. This caused the country to lose a lot of tax money.

This happened because the official vendors could not operate!

Winner: Black market.

Loser: Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development. Doreamon!

Here are what we think are the winners and losers from the COVID-19 outbreak during the MCO!

Winner: Director General of Health, Noor Hisham Abdullah!


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