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Tun Mahathir must create a new party and join PH

Tun Mahathir Mohamad and four other members of the ruling Bersatu got the boot from the party today.

The reason given is they were sitting in the opposition’s camp during the one-day Parliamentary sitting on May 18.

The twist actually came after revelations by some blogger that Dr Mahathir, who was until recently the Prime Minister of Malaysia, is organising dissent against the ruling coalition.

Dr Mahathir had tried to keep his post in the party and wanted to take over control of the Bersatu after he lost clout among party MPs and members.

Rumours circulating in Malaysia want Dr Mahathir to have a majority in Parliament after he secured the support of the Pakatan Harapan.

The rumours went on saying the doctor had 129 MPs supporting him, out of the 222 in the Malaysian Parliament.

A pro-Harapan blogger, Shahbudin Husin wrote the Pakatan Harapan had once again obtained enough support from members of parliament to take over the government from PM Muhyiddin Yassin.

Several ministers in the new government went on Twitter to deny the reports.

Pro-government bloggers are saying this is a ‘psychological warfare’ by the opposition to derail the government.

At the last count of MPs in parliament on May 18, the local media gave the Muhyiddin Yassin regime the support of 114 MPs. But soon enough one MP declared he was with the opposition, reducing the support to 113.

Pakatan Harapan, with Anwar Ibrahim as their leader, has the support of 107 MPs with Mahathir’s 5 MPs on his side.

If the count is right, it will appear the ruling coalition has a slim majority of 2, with only 112 MPs on its side.


Dr Mahathir should now move on from the Bersatu after failing to win the party over.

He should create a new party, with names like ‘Janji’ in order to prove that he will keep his word this time around.

If the ‘Janji’ party can pull support from ex-Bersatu and ex-Umno voters, he may get more credibility.

His credibility rating has fallen to its lowest in decades after he quit as PM of the Pakatan Harapan government.

The performance of Mahathir as PM this time around is not the same as his first stint that started in the 1980s.

Quitting as PM gave Anwar Ibrahim, to whom Mahathir promised the PM post in 2018, no chance to claim the PM post.

Over the past two years, Mahathir gave an ear to opponents of Anwar in the PH government, allowing them to trample on the promises made before the elections in May 2018.

This has enraged a large number of voters who are venting their anger on Twitter and other social media platform.

One of the most common attacks against Dr Mahathir is his tongue-twisting leading to his failure to keep up to the promises he made to the people.

He also failed to push for reforms in the two years of the PH in power, they say.

So, Janji atau tidak?

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