Embrace The New Normal with Whizzl

Whizzl Sdn Bhd, a company founded in Malaysia and engaged in R&D and developing digital solutions in the wake of Industry 4.0 since 2018, is offering solutions for the new normal.

The company is already preparing for the post-COVID-19 situation, has a free Solution that will meet the basic needs of all business owners.

“Today the New Normal requires business owners, be it offices or restaurants to record customers’ details such as name, phone number, date and time of visit manually.

“This is troublesome for business owner especially those with a large number of customers.”

For that, Whizzl is introducing the Business Visitor Management System (BVMS) as a solution to ease the burden of business owners.

With this BVMS business owner will only be required to create their own community and generate a QR code for customers to scan.

Customers scan the QR code via Whizzl app, their name, mobile number and email address will be filled up automatically, and all the data will be saved in a backend system that can be exported anytime when needed.

In case of emergency related to the pandemic, business owner can quickly inform customers and act accordingly. (Basic BVMS, Terms & Condition applies for Premium Version).

Whizzl Premium

Paid subscribers of Whizzl Premium will enjoy additional analytics incorporate in its services for greater engagement experience with their customers/community.

From a marketing perspective, it will be a tremendous advantage for business owners to set up their own respective community and encourage people to join.

The premium app facilitates a wide variety of analytics with multiple USPs that will be beneficial for business owners in their marketing activities.

Whizzl also features a Geo-Tag location that enables relevant agencies to track down the exact location of people/animal that needs help, food or shelter. Whizzl application is suitable to be used in all businesses including, property, NGO, universities as well as by the government agencies.


Its upcoming latest feature includes a plan to launch Virtual Event to help event organizations to hold activities online under the New Normal.

Visitor can get all the information online that can be accessed anytime anywhere during the event period. This will help organizations to manage virtual events in crisis situations.

Whizzl believes this will be one of the New Normal of events in the future.

Whizzl is in partnership with Baywater & Beyond Chamber of Commerce, Australia, where it is making a difference in how business owners communicate with their customers during this pandemic.

“We are embracing this new norm as a worldwide community, which reflects the value and agility of Whizzl in the international arena.” the media release says.

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