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“I do not have any problems with Anwar, but I don’t know about him,” was fallen PM Tun Dr Mahathir’s response last week.

He was asked whether there were some problems between him and Anwar Ibrahim, the person he blocked from become PM for the second time.

But in reality, Dr M has a lot of problems with Anwar Ibrahim and with the reform agenda.

His actions during the past two years leading to his quitting as PM in Feb says it all.

Now, why should Anwar trust Mahathir again?

Clearly, he should not and we believe a large majority of PH supporters would not want PH to give another chance to Mahathir.


While PH should not give Mahathir another chance to claim the PM post, they could make use of him this time around.

He has lost support from Bersatu, with only a few MPs following and a few branches vouching for him.

The rest has simply given support to PM Muhyiddin.

Without this support, Mahathir is at his weakest and should not be allowed to dictate terms within PH.

As a matter of fact, the PH coalition could risk defeat in the next General Elections if they put Mahathir as their PM candidate.

His days are over and they know it, with the exception of a few in DAP and Amanah perhaps.


For almost two years, Mahathir as PM stalled all the reforms pledged by the PH.

He shunned the PH manifesto as if it was something irrelevant whereas he became PM based on this manifesto.

He also allowed his ministers to introduce rulings that caused rifts in the country.

We are not going to talk about the transition date which he allowed his people in the PH to fight against as if their lives depended on Mahathir remaining PM for life.

On the other hand, he pushed the reformists out of the way in the government, giving credence to all those who were against Anwar.

He shunned reforms, he made decisions on his own, bad decisions all the way and appointed a few anti-Anwar figures in key posts.

You all know what we are talking about.


Right after he was kicked out from the interim-PM post, Mahathir made it certain for everybody to hear his views on Anwar.

“Anwar is always trying to become PM,” he said.

In actual fact, Anwar never became PM but Mahathir became PM twice and wanted to break a record by becoming PM a third time.

It is like winning the premier league for the elderly statesman while for Anwar it is taboo.

No, there is no second chance for the old man. He had his second chance and he messed it up.

It is Anwar who should be given his first chance at become PM. Though it is unlikely that this will happen now, Anwar will have a better shot at the leadership of the country in the next General Elections.

Whether PH will make use of Mahathir in the GE15 or Mahathir will play the ‘party pooper’ role does not really matter.

His days are gone but he still thinks the opposition is in need of him to win the next GE. = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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