Najib Razak’s critics hail Malaysia verdict but Mahathir silent!

The people Najib Razak attacked, jailed or banned from politics during his reign must be up in the air after his formal conviction last week.

Fahmi Reza was one of them who was sentenced to jail in Malaysia for portraying former prime minister Najib Razak as a clown.

The clown figure has stuck to Najib since then. And the image is now re-posted with the word “GUILTY” written across Najib’s cartooned eyes in red.

This story by Reuters made it into the Japan Times last week.


But the weirdest in the Najib conviction story is the absence of any comments from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Mahathir did not comment on the Najib Razak verdict

At best, he is seen walking away by keeping his distance from PN Minister Azmin Ali.

The photo and video of Mahathir staying away from Azmin who frowned when Mahathir refused to talk to him, went viral this weekend in Malaysia.

Pro-PN portals and national news agencies did their best to tell the public Azmin managed to forward his ‘Eid’ greetings to Mahathir while walking next to him in social distancing.

But netizens were joking about how Azmin was seemingly shunned by the elderly statesman.

However, it could also be a strange case of Mahathir Mohamad being sarcastic or simply not showing he has admiration for Azmin.

Najib was sentenced to 12 years in jail on Tuesday. This is the first among the verdicts against Najib but there are still uncertainties whether Najib will face jail time in the end.

He vowed to fight back and his daughter supported him saying they will not give up.

There is an appeal court that will hear the case again sooner or later and Najib still has a chance to see light in his tunnel.

But in the meantime, the country is still eager to know Mahathir’s feelings on the verdict!

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