Seychelles celebrates 250 years old settlement

The Seychelles is celebrating a huge milestone in its history – it is the historic occasion of the first settlement of the islands by a  contingent of French settlers and their retainers, marking Seychelles’ first steps towards eventual nationhood and, therefore, an important date in our calendar of events.

The Rationale of the celebration

Seychelles is a comparatively young nation that can trace its first settlement back to 1770 when the islands were first settled by the French, leading a small party of whites, Indians, and Africans. The party consisted of 15 white colonists, seven slaves and five Indians which took place on Ste. Anne Island.

The month of August for the year 2020 should eventually become a very important month for Seychelles as it celebrates the birth of Seychelles and commemorates the anniversary of 250 years since settlement.

History has it that the first group of people did not remain permanently in Seychelles. Three years after, they vacated the island, and shortly after another group came to settle.

It is very probable that our provenance can be traced to the group, an exercise which is being undertaken as part of the celebration. Needless to say, the first settlement remains the key milestone event that has contributed towards the eventual nationhood of Seychelles.


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