Corporate Governance in Japan: An ebook to download

Earlier this year, Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund announced its latest policy review and moved to curtail stock lending. This is happening amidst a larger sea change in Corporate Governance in the country, following increased scrutiny of corporate boards and pressure from investors.

Smartkarma Insight Providers like David BlennerhassettKyle Rudden, and Travis Lundy kept track of those moves and presented a series of Insights focusing on the broader landscape as well as diving into analysis of specific moves – starting with the Insights in this eBook.

Download the eBook to find:

  • An overview of Japan’s Corporate Governance structure and the Stewardship Code
  • An ESG-centric view of the GPIF’s latest moves
  • An in-depth analysis of the GPIF’s New Policy Portfolio
Download the file by clicking on the picture or clicking this link: Download ebook

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