Stop culling exotic animals to avert COVID!

We all know how COVID-19 emerged. We also know its origin, though no official confirmation. We know if there is a halt in exotic animal trade, COVID may not happen that easily, again.

It is clear COVID-19 came out of no where and hit the world like a boom. It is still ravaging many countries but the illegal trade from the wilderness is still on!

It is also logical to believe that an end to the illicit trade of exotic animals and the consumption of such animals will help the forest.

Experts are now screaming out loud. If the world puts an end to exotic animals or wildlife trade, we may be able to stop a pandemic.


But some countries are resisting and they are not going to stop trade from the wilderness.

There is still a lot of animals culled for their scrotum, their bones, their blood or oil and their meat.

Are the humans supposed to get extra powers and energies from the wilderness? We doubt it. It is a fallacy, but it is difficult to get the users of the ‘potions’ to believe it.

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