New politically-funded portals in Malaysia?

Rumours has been flying around in Kuala Lumpur of the launch of two new politically-funded news websites.

Messages on WhatsApp say the portals are backed by powerful political figures. One from the government, representing the Perikatan Nasional, and one from the opposition.

While PN is said to be behind one portal to be headed by an ex-editor from Free Malaysia Today, the other is said to be pro-Opposition.

The message reads as follows:

“Two new politically-funded news websites will soon launch. One is backed by Azmin Ali and headed by ex-FMT editor (name omitted).

“The other is fronted by two ex-NST, Malay Mail and The Sun and is backed by financier. It is purportedly also funded by a politician close to the PKR.”

We omitted the names and other indications since we cannot get the people involved to confirm the story.

The message continues, saying, “Loads of dirt and mud to wade thru.”


But the person who sent the message, we do not know the original sender, says there is also the ‘True Net’.

“The True Net is filled with attacks on other cyber-troopers.

“The dirty war is intensifying ahead of GE15. Happy reading.
Consume everything with a pinch of salt, otherwise BP (blood pressure) will spike!!”

Reports say the two portals are on a recruitment drive, seeking reporters, editors and sub-editors.

Most of the positions are filled, it appears, because the media ‘war’ has already started and the two ‘camps’ are gearing-up for the elections.

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