El Al plane set for Israel-UAE trip!

As a result of the normalisation of relationship between the UAE and Israel, EL Al, the Israeli airline, is set to make its first trip to Abu Dhabi today.

Among those set to be on the flight is White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and several other senior Trump administration officials.

They are said to be in Israel over the weekend.

An Israeli delegation led by National Security Adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat will also be on the flight.

Israel and the UAE agreed to normalise relations on August 13 in a US-brokered diplomatic accord.

U.S. President Donald Trump registered a victory with the accord and it is seen as a bid to boost his chances for re-election.

Some parts of the Arab world criticised the deal, with the Palestinian leadership condemning it as a “stab in the back”. But the UAE is not the only Arab or Muslim country where the El Al flies.


In May, Turkish aviation authorities are said to have given El Al approval to operate flights twice weekly between Istanbul and Tel Aviv.

An El Al plane landed in Turkey to collect humanitarian aid to help the US fight the coronavirus.

The Jerusalem Post says the Dreamliner plane landed in Istanbul at 7. a.m. and loaded around 24 tons of humanitarian aid and equipment to help the virus-stricken country.

El Al was the only Israeli airline to conduct flights to Turkey until it cancelled the route to Istanbul in 2007 due to high-security costs.

El Al was established by the Israeli government in November 1948.

In June 1996, El Al recorded its first flight from Israel to Amman, Jordan.

El Al flights to Cairo were inaugurated in April 1980, following the Israel–Egypt Peace Treaty

In late 1982, after a long period of labor disputes and strikes, El Al operations were suspended but operations resumed in 1983. 

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