Why should you buy ‘energy star’ certified products?

Sammy the Star teaches kids about energy conservation, the difference between non-renewable and renewable energy.

It also shows how careful selection of ENERGY STAR-certified products can save consumers money and help the environment.

This science video, by ProVia, is part of the company’s ENERGY STAR Education Program for 4th and 5th graders. For more information, visit


Upgrade your appliances to those that are energy-saving. This may sound silly for some. But if you try it, it might save you some bucks on your electricity bill.

In the long-run, those bucks can get you some nice Starbucks coffee! Or something else that you like.

Take heed: While running those old appliances might seem thrifty, they could actually cost you more money.

First of all, most of them were not designed to save energy in your home.

Take those 10 year old fridges. They do not have the ‘stars’ on them. It means something to your monthly electricity bill.

Upgrading to the products that has the now famous stars on them—these are designated appliances— you can on operating costs and utilities.

They can also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Create a positive impact. Save money, save the environment.

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