Anwar should be more assertive in the aggravated political landscape

Malaysia has seen a series of setback in the political arena with the seizure of power by a group of rogue Pakatan MPs.

Aided by the MPs from the defeated government, the breakaway factions from the Bersatu and the PKR formed a new government.

It is a backdoor government, one made of MPs who jumped ship and betrayed their electorates, says the Pakatan Harapan.

On the other hand, we know the rhetoric from the ruling coalition headed by Muhyiddin Yassin, the new PM.

We believe it is time for the Pakatan to move on from its debacle.

There should be less emotions, more bravery and a real plan to bring back PH back to power. Unless the PH is something of the past with its squabbles after losing power.


There is no doubt that PKR president Anwar Ibrahim is the victim in the entire saga. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is telling everyone that he has no problems with Anwar.

He adds that it is Anwar who has problems with him. That part of his statement could be the correct and legitimate answer to the problems he created in the PH.

It is natural for Anwar Ibrahim to have grudges against Mahathir. After all, the elderly statesman used Anwar to get to Putrajaya as the ‘reformasi’ PM.

But instead of brining reforms, he used the power to tarnish the PH and bring the country to its knees with a political squabble.

The scramble for power was obvious since December 2018. Newspapers were publishing facts that the PH government ignored.

The PKR also ignored these facts and acted with a weak demeanour against the ‘rumours’ of the grandiose meetings between Mahathir and the opposition MPs.

Mahathir altogether brought the rot with him when he opened the doors to the Umno MPs he deemed were ‘clean’. They robbed him of power!


With all the emotions still running high among the political leaders, there seem to be no hope for a comeback of the PH.

The PH is not really moving on from its troubles and is adding more pain to its chances with the internal squabble.

We are reading a lot of emotional pieces in the local media, where rage is still felt for the fall of the PH.

The minority communities are in limbo, the Malay community is confused and this is widely seen on social media.

It will remain that way as long as the PH is still licking its wounds and start to realise the wounds were inflicted by its own people.

However, lets face it. The grudges and the rage and emotions will not bring down the PN-MN-BN regime.

Instead, it appears that the regime of Muhyiddin Yassin is feeding on this distress.


For Anwar Ibrahim, it is worthless to delve in the emotional outbursts. It will not bring more MPs to the PH or to the PKR.

Anwar needs a massive shift in his political strategy. He needs more Malay support. To earn this support, which he saw waning away after the formation of the Pakatan Rakyat, he needs to be more Malay-centric.

Face the reality. There Malay population is the majority population. The PKR is competing with the DAP on the minority population grounds. At least, this is the impression the party gives.

They form part of the same coalition and they are dividing the votes among them. They are not going any where near Putrajaya with this strategy.

The DAP is far more powerful in this area because of the massive support it receives from the Chinese community.

Hence, it is time for Anwar to start preparing the PKR to eat into the Bersatu, Umno, PAS and now Pejuang’s voter base. That is the Malay voter base.

Anwar needs to bring the debate to the Malays. His PKR needs more Malay tenors and he should start snatching them from other stables.

The PKR also needs to bring the anti-corruption narrative to the Malay grounds. They are trying, but they must try harder. They must make it the bread and butter of their political campaigns.


What we are saying is Anwar must be more assertive, aggressive and must show the Malays that stealing and robbing is not the way to go in this country.

Morality is a big issue in politics. The PKR has to fight on these grounds. Teach the people their rights and keep informing them on the need for politics that is tied to morality and to principles.

Anwar do need to get the limelight, get the attention focused on him. To get that edge, he needs to change the debate, change the narrative.

Point the finger at the robbers, the betrayers and the immoral politicians who take the vote of the people for granted.

He has to get the people to support him in the need to change the rules and the laws.

Many are asking the questions why Anwar appears to be so calm and silent on so many fronts? The point is they are right and Anwar has to buckle up and talk to the Malay community on the ground and explain to them once again what is ‘pecah amanah’ and what Islam says about it.

There is an entire re-education that is needed to be done and Mahathir or Muhyiddin is not going to do that.

With his knowledge of Islam he can take the reigns from the ‘Ustaz-ustaz’ from the PAS who are giving all sorts of wrongful reasons to justify a backdoor government and their support to backstabbers.

If this means a complete change in the PKR’s approach to politics towards the Malay community, then so be it.

The PKR leader and the party is out of the propaganda game. They lack propaganda majors and leaders. They need to go back to the drawing board to regain what is lost!

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