Is Facebook backing hate speech in Mauritius?

Forbes Magazine, on its online portal, seems to suggest that Facebook is not doing the right thing in Mauritius.

The article entitled ‘Trouble in Paradise: Facebook Spread Of Hate Speech As Mauritius Oil Spill Crisis Continues.’

Forbes says the recent events in Mauritius is reminiscent of Rwanda in 1994.

The writer says such organized Hate Speech that shocked the world and led to the Rwandan massacre, is now being perpetuated in Mauritius.

It appears there are forces in the Indian Ocean Island that are preparing the nation for a shock.


Some are not happy with the massive crowds gathered by a virtual unknown citizen. He latter is now a famous anti-government street fighter.

Bruneau Laurette gained fame after his missives against the ruling coalition of the MSM-ML-Others.

He made speeches that attracted attention against the ruling coalition for their perceived failure in handling the recent oil spill.

The magazine asks why Facebook is allowing racial tension to simmer in the Indian Ocean Island.

Such tensions are very rare and strictly regulated by local law enforcement. But when it comes to Facebook, the authorities say they have little capacity to act.


In the run-up to the pro-gay rally in Mauritius in 2018, Facebook allowed postings that offended Muslims on the Island.

The Muslim population, a quarter of the Mauritius population of 1.3 million, do not tolerate attacks on their religion.

But an apparently fake account, which Facebook supposedly do not allow, alluded that ‘Allah’ the name for God in Islam, was gay.

Either the account holders who flagged the post as offensive did not receive any replies from Facebook. Or the post was deemed acceptable as per Facebook’s standards.

The post caused a massive raucous in Mauritius. It led to at least 1000 participants in a rally in Port Louis blocking the ‘Gay Pride’ march.

But it is not only Facebook to blame. The Mauritian authorities failed to take action against such posts and there were numerous posts.

Instead the authorities pressured the Muslim community while it failed to stop an outburst of anti-Islam graffiti on Mosques.


Forbes says there was an attempt last week to hijack the Facebook group ‘Sel Solution Revolution’.

It says a surprising amount of activity took place on the Facebook group.

There were attempts to sabotage organizers by removing administrators from the group.

There was also the spreading of false information through fake profiles, all allowed by Facebook.

Facebook is also the platform used by the criminal and terrorist Brenton Tarrant in the New Zealand attack.

And Facebook did not get reprimanded for this. Tarrant got life imprisonment for his actions. Facebook too should get lifetime banishment, perhaps.

Facebook is also allowing provocative languages against communities in Mauritius. It ignores the pleas of the Muslims and the Mauritians in general who are flagging such comments.

“By Saturday 19 September, there was widespread condemnation of the use of any form of racially provocative messages from other users of Facebook,” wrote Forbes.

The main opposition political parties and organizers of the mass protests – who are not part of the mainstream political parties, condemned such comments.

But Facebook is not acting.

The messages Facebook is sending is, ‘we understand that it may still be offensive to you and others.’

‘No one should have to see posts they consider hateful on Facebook, so we want to help you avoid things like this in the future.’

‘Counter-speech in the form of accurate information and alternate viewpoints can help create a safer and more respectful environment.’

All this sounds like Facebook has somebody who is handling the Mauritius account and is a player in the spread of hate speech in the country!

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