People are still waiting for the new bipartisan regime

A meeting of the Pakatan Harapan leadership yesterday got the people asking if regime change was about to happen.

But it was only the monthly meeting though none of the party’s top guns commented to the media.

The media and the netizens are watching Keadilan’s move while the party supporters have no clue what’s going on.

Nevertheless, the leader of the PH, Anwar Ibrahim was early on the scene, at the PKR HQ.

He was followed by the other PH leaders, including Mat Sabu from the Amanah and DAP leaders.

Yet, the communication chiefs Fahmi Fadzil (Keadilan) and Khalid Abd Samad (Amanah) said nothing on the event.


Keadilan is pushing for Anwar Ibrahim to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The party says Anwar is the legitimate Prime Minister and this is because the PH won the 2018 elections.

There was a deal between Anwar Ibrahim and fallen PM Mahathir Mohamad for a clear transition.

But Mahathir kept pushing his resignation date until that fateful day in February. He left the PH in limbo, caused the Bersatu to pull out abruptly and this facilitated the downfall of the coalition in power.

But PH supporters and Anwar’s party believes the latter still has the legitimacy to claim the post as PM.

Among the people there is the belief Mahathir has robbed Anwar of yet another opportunity to be PM.

The first is the well documented 1998 attack on Anwar Ibrahim, attack that caused so much harm to the country.

The harm done is unrepairable but Anwar pressed on to become the best man to save Malaysia.


Mahathir was given a golden opportunity to correct the many mistakes he made during his first reign as PM.

Malaysia was growing fast but for a majority Muslim nation, the country lacked a soul. It was only money that mattered and Anwar was trying to correct this direction.

Hailing from Islamic background, Anwar was pressing for change in the country and in the government’s philosophy.

The first sign of reforms was seen with the Parliament voting  Anti-Corruption Act 1997.

A year later, Anwar was fired as Deputy PM, jailed and we know the rest of the history.


The efforts by Anwar to become PM is to return the people’s mandate. This, for the opposition leader and for the people, is the most important thing to do.

Keadilan argues Anwar has the legitimate mandate to institute reforms in the country

The 20 years of struggle for reform headed by Anwar means only him knows what reform means.

He knows how to change the country’s future and what necessary laws are needed to bring Malaysia forward.

Not Mahathir who sneak into PH like a chameleon to steal the Reform agenda.

He not only stole the limelight, but he also destroyed much of the faith the people had in the PH.


In the current state of affairs in Malaysia, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has a moral dilemma.

Keep working with kleptocrats or allow the country to move on to the crucial next phase of its development.

By giving way to Anwar, Muhyiddin will be doing a great service to the people.

Keadilan sources say he will redeem whatever wrong he has done with the infamous Sheraton Move.

But unlike Mahathir and other leaders, Anwar is forgiving and is willing to work with all parties to help take Malaysia out of the current morass.

Anwar made it clear himself last week. He is welcoming Muhyiddin graciously to be with him in the planned new cabinet.

Perhaps this is an offer the Bersatu leader should consider.

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