This is How Mahathir’s twists moulded Anwar’s strong character

The nation must thank Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for what he has done to Anwar Ibrahim.

People must thank Dr Mahathir for denying Anwar his rightful position as the future Prime Minister in 1998 and in 2020.

And for putting him in prison on dubious slander for supposedly being a sex maniac.

The accusations were to camouflage his political ploy to eliminate any potential challenge on his grip as PM.

All this did not weaken Anwar but rather strengthened him politically, spiritually and globally.

Remember how the Reformasi Movement was born out of all this, a clarion call for reform by the people who were fed up with the ruling elites.

They were fed up with kleptocrats exploiting the nation’s wealth for their own selfish interest since Independence.


It took 22 years for the Reform Movement to succeed in toppling the UMNO-led government through peaceful democratic means.

Mahathir as an opportunist brought his cohorts to join the Reformasi Movement. He met Anwar in court in what was perceived as an admonition of his past mistakes.

He sought Anwar’s consent to allow him to join forces with Keadilan in the 14th General Elections.

But it was all for his own gains, not for the country’s or the people’s gain.

It was predictable, given Anwar’s sense of forgiveness in particular, that Mahathir would be accepted in the movement.

The aim was to join forces to bring down the corrupted Najib Razak’s regime.

The Reformasi movement is a coalition of parties known as Pakatan Harapan won the elections. Anwar was still lamenting in prison.

It was decided that Mahathir will be the temporary Prime Minister. In the meantime, Anwar would launch the process for his Royal Pardon from the King.


Well, like they say, the rest is history. The true colour of Mahathir came out after he took power.

In western politics, it is called Machiavellian. The elderly statesman proved to be a political animal with no sense of remorse.

He reneged on all his promises and went on a destructive path against Anwar. History will talk about how Mahathir destroyed Anwar’s chance to be PM.

Now it appears that Mahathir quit the post of Prime Minister to achieve his political vendetta against Anwar.

But for those who believe in God, they know that Mahathir is not God!

He can plan as he wishes. But God disposes. That is exactly what is happening now.

After going through all the trials and tribulations, Anwar is an accomplished politician. Tested to the extreme where no other politician will dare to thread, loved by the Rakyat except for those with vested interest, is ready to take over!


While people are arguing whether Anwar has the numbers or whether the government should be replaced, let us consider this.

Should anything happen to Muhyiddin, who do you think will be able to bring back the country from the abyss?

Who has all the ingredients needed to pull this beloved nation back to a brighter future? This is a nation with a glorious past.

Can Shafie Apdal, Azmin Ali, Zahid Hamidi, Najib Razak, Hishamuddin Hussein or Mahathir do that?

Mahathir had his chance in 2018, he squandered it in 2020. The other political figures are either in power or now in opposition. They had their chances too. They are not succeeding, are they?

Sincerely, we don’t see any one of these politicians befitting for the Premier’s post, except Anwar.

We need a New Malaysia, United in the real sense of the word, accepting everyone as equal, free from the cancer of Racism and Religious bigotry.

For the sake of the future of this beloved nation, Anwar should be allowed to take over as the next Prime Minister.

And don’t forget, say thank you to Mahathir for what he has done to Anwar. Also to the nation.

It’s time for him to take a long-needed rest and enjoy the sweetness of his labour.

Thank you Mahathir!

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