Does new U.S. military uniforms patch mean war with China?

China Times, Beijing’s propaganda publication, says it got the proof U.S. wants war with China.

It says the new U.S. Air Force uniform patches suggest the U.S. is gearing up for a war.

China Times is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) mouthpiece Global Times. It is delivered free across the globe.

The new patch was seen on the U.S. Air Force members who were on a month-long drill.

The unit donned new uniforms indicating the U.S. Air Force had shifted its focus to the Pacific region.

It also shows the army is pivoting away from the Middle East as its main focus.

Patches on Airmen’s uniform feature an MQ-9 [reaper drone] superimposed over a red silhouette of China.

Air Force Magazine reports during the drill, three MQ-9s partnered with the Navy’s Third Fleet.

The exercises included a mock amphibious assault on San Clemente Island off of California’s coast.

This exercise saw the MQ-9s carry out airstrikes.


For the Global Times, this is the U.S. on the war path with China.

The publication says the U.S. Air Force is preparing to deploy the MQ-9s to attack Chinese-built facilities in the South China Sea.

“Washington is stepping up preparations for war against China, and this type of drone that has participated in murders and other attacks around the world will also play a role in it,” the newspaper claims.

It is referring to the use of MQ-9s in wars across the Middle East and Africa.

“This is the strategic signal sent from the exercise,” the communist party mouthpiece says.

“This is to stir hostilities between the two countries, and is also a blackmail to China. Using such an armband with a Chinese map will stimulate people’s imagination and create a picture of China and the United States going to war” the Global Times adds.


The newspaper also says China is fully prepared for the ‘future’ aggression.

The paper says while the Chinese people do not desire war, Beijing’s worsening territorial disputes with other countries, including Taiwan and India, have forced China to seriously consider the possibility of war in the near future.

This shows that China is hell bent on defending the territories it captured illegally in the South China Sea.

“Chinese society must therefore have real courage to engage calmly in a war that aims to protect core interests and be prepared to bear the cost,” he asserted.

“We are confident to win on the battlefield if conflicts are fought with neighboring forces that have territorial disputes with China. Similarly, if there is a war with the U.S. near China’s coastal waters, we also have a good chance of victory,” the paper predicts.

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