Embattled Jugnauth Vows Not To Bend To Pressure

The embattled Mauritian Prime Minister vowed not to bend to pressure for him to quit.

«I will not be intimidated because I am democratically elected,» says the PM.

He also warned those attacking him that he will take action against them.

«Those who are attackingme….wait you will see!» he warns.

The PM did not specifically say who they were and what was the matter but local media thinks he was referring to the a land deal.

A former Minister in his cabinet, Roshi Badhain, now an opposition leader who alleges fraud in a land acquisition in Angus Road, Vacoas.

The Island has seen massive rallies organised by a common citizen who is rising in the ranks of social activism.

Bruneau Laurette is gaining popularity with his peaceful rallies that gathers massive crowds.

The government has so far downplayed the size of the crowds at the rallies using the national broadcasting services.

The MBC as it is called is accused by rally organisers and many among the public of manipulating the news.

The rally organisers and supporters has campaigned for the PM to quit and for his government to abandon the Government House.

Groups of Mauritians have also held rallies outside Mauritius in solidarity with the locals.

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