Anwar says no one should flout the COVID19 SOP

With the rise in Covid19 cases in Malaysia, the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is calling for stricter enforcement of the SOPs.

“Strict enforcement and compliance by all is critical. I am deeply concerned about the current spike in Covid-19 cases and its spread within the community,” says Anwar.

The Keadilan leader posted the message on his Facebook page after news of the rise in COVID19 cases.

He also calls on the government to be more transparent when it comes to its handling of cases involving politicians.

“I urge the government to be fully transparent about the handling of cases, especially those involving politicians and other high-ranking officials.

“No one should be exempt from following strict SOPs that have been put in place and these rules must be strictly enforced, without double standards.”


Anwar also urges the government to be forthcoming with information and the handling of this new wave of infection.

“To avoid further speculation and rumours. It is imperative for politicians from all sides to prioritise the well-being of the people in the midst of this unprecedented crisis.

He says it is up to each of individual to stay safe, remain vigilant, take care of themselves and take care of each other.

“I would also like to send my good wishes for a speedy recovery to all those that have been infected by Covid-19.”

“There must be leadership by example. Only if we work together as a nation, can we truly beat this pandemic.”

Yesterday Malaysia recorded the highest number of new #COVID19 cases. The country saw 432 new cases in one single day. Some 429 local of the number are from local transmissions and only 3 are imported cases.

Malaysia’s Religious Affairs Minister Zulkifli Mohamad also tested positive for Covid-19. The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department is now in quarantine.

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