Social Media is flooded with a massive #muhyiddinout campaign

From Facebook to Twitter, there is a massive campaign by netizens urging Malaysian PM Muhyiddin Yassin to quit.

The campaign is altogether accompanied by MEME’s with the tagline ‘Abah will rotan’.

This is following the embattled PM’s speech during the night on the COVID-19 resurgence in Malaysia.

In his televised addresses to the nation, Muhyiddin refers to himself as “Abah or “father.”

But this time, the term Abah was used to tell the nation he will use the cane against social distancing and COVID-19 SOP.

In his speech in Malay, Muhyiddin refers to the use of the ‘rotan’ by ‘Abah’ against flouters.

The campaign gained steam quickly in the middle of his speech, with Twitter getting flooded with the #muhyiddinout hashtag.

The #muhyiddinout hashtag is followed by #Abah and #NotMyPM


Most of the pro-opposition supporters flooded Twitter with messages urging the PM to give way.

They say Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader, will do a better job than Muhyiddin in running the country. They also say the former will be better at handling the COVID-19 crisis.

“This time, Abah is pretty much isolated on Social Media. He is not getting the same support he received when he first became PM,” says an observer.

Muhyiddin’s joke backfires and the PN supporters were drowned in the firing line.

Umno supporters altogether did not give any support to Muhyiddin this time. The cybertroopers at the service of the Umno-Barisan Nasional and the PAS were not so active.


Many netizens turned the cane against Muhyiddin and his lack of actions against officials who did not follow the SOP.

Netizens also lash at Muhyiddin for not imposing stricter measures (which already exists) or for not punishing those flouting them.

This, the online sleuths say, has resulted in the rapid surge of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia this week.

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