Last chance for Muhyiddin as Anwar leaves palace

This is perhaps the last chance for PM Muhyiddin Yassin to reconsider his post as Anwar Ibrahim leaves the palace.

Anwar Ibrahim says he delivered as promised in proving to the Agong he has the Parliamentary majority.

Anwar Ibrahim was scheduled for an audience with the King but sitting PM Muhyiddin Yassin remains unfazed!

says it is necessary for PM Muhyiddin Yassin to resign now that he has lost his majority in Parliament.

Anwar who had an audience with the Malaysian King today at 11 A.M. at the Istana Negara held a presser saying Muhyiddin’s government has fallen.

He told the media at Le Meridien Hotel he offered Muhyiddin an olive branch but the latter did not respond to the offer.

On the meeting with the King, Anwar says the people of Malaysia should give the Agong time and space to make a decision on the documents sent him.

He also says the King promised he will follow the necessary protocol in the aftermath of the meeting with Anwar.

Refusing to quit, Muhyiddin has instead created an eventful situation with renewed lockdown in parts of Malaysia.

The sudden lockdown of the administrative capital, Putrajaya, and the richest state in the country, Selangor raised eye-brows.

The conditions imposed for the lockdown 2.0 in the three states (including Kuala Lumpur) is raising concerns.

All government offices and economic activities are still operating but there will be police roadblocks in all affected areas.

The Selangor Menteri Besar (head of the state) Amirudin Shari says he is surprised the lockdown across Selangor.

The Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) on the entire state starts on Oct 14 until Oct 27.


However, this will not prevent Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition leader, from having his audience with the King.

Anwar will have an opportunity to formally stake his claim to the country’s prime ministership.

If the King agrees that Anwar has the majority, he can appoint the latter as the new PM.

If otherwise, the King may still interview all the 222 MPs in Parliament to decide who has the majority. A lengthy process but one that he went through before he appointed Muhyiddin in February.

The other options will be the King urging the Parliament to vote and find out who commands the majority.

Or he can alternatively call for the dissolution of the Parliament in the event of a deadlock.

The only difference to February is the country has a sitting PM. The King do not have the power to remove a PM, it is the Parliament that can do that, according to sources.


The uncertainty that Muhyiddin commands a majority has not changed his view on the situation.

Muhyiddin is still sitting tight in the PM office and will be there in a locked-down Putrajaya come Wednesday.

Today is actually the last chance for Muhyiddin to rethink his position, says observers.

They say he should leave a power vacuum to allow for a smooth transition. Unless he is still certain his majority of 2 in Parliament is still intact.

If he quits, the power transition will be easier.

The refusal of the PM to do a reality check is going to deepen the political crisis, they say.


Keadilan, Anwar’s party, urges supporters to remain calm. It says there will be no gathering at the Istana Negara.

“All KEADILAN members are hereby instructed to not hold any gatherings or to gather in any location, especially along major roads towards Istana Negara.”

Malaysians are also urged to keep calm as the audience session takes place.

“Remain calm for any subsequent process that takes place thereafter,” says the party leadership.

Keadilan reminds all of its Members of Parliament to continue to render their service in their respective constituencies.

It urges them to prioritise the people’s fate and welfare during this Covid-19 pandemic.

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