The people roast Mahathir for last minute gambit

Mahathir Mohamad, the second fallen PM in the space of three years, got roasted again on Twitter yesterday.

This shows Mahathir’s diminishing political value on the market with a massive lost of trust in his ‘words’.

Mahathir rose to fame again in 2018. He was riding on the back of the Pakatan Harapan and on Anwar Ibrahim’s popularity.

A popularity Mahathir dares question while his own popularity has diminished considerably.


Nevertheless, Twitter was set alight yesterday after Mahathir made a very special broadcast.

No one is asking whether Mahathir’s name is in the list of MPs supporting Anwar as PM-to-be.

But the ex-PM made a special call on Facebook, perhaps to catch a bit of the glimpse after Anwar and PM Muhyiddin Yassin’s pressers.

He decided that people were quoting him or mentioning him as one of the MPs in support of Anwar.

Desperate, he says he never gave his support to Anwar for the PM post.

This, everyone knew the day he started to push his quit date from 2018 onwards.

His comments caused a sense of hilarity on Twitter. The users who once hailed him as a hero of the people, blasted him.

Netizens are starting to say Mahathir has lost his mind. He is forgetting who he supported as PM candidate after he quit in February (Tweet above).

Others are asking how did Mahathir know his name is in Anwar’s list to the Agong?

The Palace issued a statement yesterday saying Anwar did not provide a list of MPs names said to support him as PM.

This got the internet rattled with anti-Anwar elements accusing the Keadilan leader of wrong doing.

However, Mahathir’s statement yesterday seemed to say his name is on the list.

Here’s a classic response from Twitter users:


Some netizens are advising Mahathir to quit politics, and many are urging him to go take a long rest.

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