Ku Li’s no-confidence motion not for Anwar to become PM

News of a no-confidence motion by Gua Musang Umno MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah took Malaysia by surprise.

The motion was deposed in September, days after Anwar Ibrahim’s claim of having a strong majority in Parliament.

The Gua Musang MP wrote to the Speaker of the House asking to consider a motion of no-confidence against PM Muhyiddin Yassin.

This is a massive development because it shows two trends: One is that Muhyiddin’s majority is dwindling and two Anwar has competition.

The fact that Razaleigh had an audience with the King of Malaysia after the Audience is sign there is another contender to the PM post.


It is Razaleigh and today a news portal claims the Prince (he is a Kelantan Royal) has the support of 24 Umno MPs.

The portal also says there is a division between support for Anwar or for Ku Li in Umno

With the contention against Muhyiddin growing, it is also becoming evident that his government is collapsing.

The challenge from Ku Li comes from within Muhyiddin’s Perikatan Nasional. Without the support of the 24 MPs, the PM will fall.

The Umno MP made known his demand for a no-confidence motion yesterday. His office released a letter he wrote to the Speaker of the House.

The Sept. 25 letter got a a reply from the Speaker Azhar Azizan Harun who says he will not allow the motion.

“With all respect, I request an assurance that the no-confidence motion will be tabled in the Dewan Rakyat as a priority in the next sitting,” Razaleigh saysin the letter.

Saying it is government matters that has priority, he adds that he will only entertain a motion from a Minister.

Will Umno force its ‘Ministers’ in the cabinet to dare challenge PM Muhyiddin?

That is the question!

The answer will come soon enough.

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