Is there a war of attrition Bersatu and Umno?

The Bersatu in a meeting today urges PM Muhyiddin Yassin not to give in to the demands by Umno.

Members of the Bersatu political bureau met for two hours on Saturday (Oct 17), asking Muhyiddin to resist all threats.

Umno has asked Muhyiddin to appoint their leader as the deputy PM of Malaysia. The biggest Malay party in Malaysia, Umno is pressing for a cabinet reshuffle.

But it appears the Bersatu is willing to go against Umno’s wishes and will make a firm stand to defend Muhyiddin.

The Star today reports the Bersatu members told Muhyiddin he should not be held ransom.

Not by any party or by the Umno even though this may mean a collapse of the regime.


“Tan Sri, don’t ever concede to this type of demands or else there will be new demands and threats every other week,” says The Star attributing this quote to a cabinet minister.

The only thing Bersatu agrees with Umno on the differences of opinion is for a presidential council discussion.

Umno was in turmoil during the weekend with a deafening silence from Putrajaya on its demands.

The party’s grass root is pushing for a possible breakup with the ruling Bersatu if Muhyiddin does not give in to demands.

The trouble between Bersatu and Umno started to leak in public after Anwar Ibrahim made claims he has a majority in Parliament.

Muhyiddin has also informed his colleagues in the PAS of the new developments.

He told Abdul Hadi Awang, according to The Star, he will not proceed with a cabinet reshuffle.

He also informed the same to Umno President Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Muhyiddin is firm that he will not appoint a deputy PM.

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