No one should remain insensible in a war between extremes

No one should remain insensible in a war fought between extremists from all sides of the spectrum.

I am talking of the killing of a teacher in France by a Russian Muslim. In my view, both are extremists and one of them decided to take justice in his own hands.

Shot by the police, killed in the streets, this is the final consequence, is it?

Let us review the news piece on this tragic incident.

France on Monday unleashed a broad crackdown on Muslims accused of extremism, but not condemned of such a crime.

This is the start of a form of extremism that France will definitely regret because it is giving in to ‘extremists’.

For sure, the killing of Samuel Paty, a teacher in a suburb north of Paris, had reopened old wounds in France.

Paty was killed by a Muslim who was offended by his use of caricatures to attack the Prophet of Islam.


The French teacher had recently shown students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed. France do not see it as an extremist move.

They believe showing cartoons depicting the Prophet in compromising positions and making fun of him is normal for Muslims.

However, the teacher had the ‘thought’ of asking Muslim students to leave the class if they get offended by his presentation. Which shows premeditation in the act.

Paty was beheaded outside his school on Friday. A crime that should be condemned by all humanity.

The man suspected of the beheading was an 18-year-old born in Moscow and originating from Russia’s southern region of Chechnya.


Personally, I do not believe any amount of cartoons will ever depict the Prophet of Islam.

It is ridiculous and defeatist of the ‘journalists’ at Charlie Hebdo for example to try depict my Prophet as a cartoon.

Not only do I reject the idea, I also term them as losers. Having said this, I believe those who take justice in their own hands are wrong.

They should follow the course of justice and report such indecent acts by teachers in schools.

But perhaps, in France, there is no way to get justice from such offences?


This recent incident shows there is a fault line in France. It is perhaps their education system that is failing.

It is failing due to the practice of such hypocrisy called cartoons of the Prophet. Hypocrisy that remains unchanged after the attacks against Charlie Hebdo.

France may perhaps wake up to understand that its education system could be against a certain minorities?

A large minority for that matter. As a republic, and the French President, being the leader of the republic, have to keep an open mind.

But alas, he is falling into the trap of the extremists in France. He is giving way to the right wing extremists who are now talking of warfare against Islam.

Look at your education system and find out where it is broken. For broken, Monsieur, it is!

And stop the attacks against innocent Muslims. Your police killed the murderer. Stop there and sit back and reflect. Because a war against Islam is a lost cause!

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