These are now the riddles in Anwar’s move to become PM

There are now more riddles in Anwar Ibrahim’s attempt to become Prime Minister of Malaysia. Here we list down the most recent ones.

First, there is the letter from the Agong who made it clear MPs should unite and play their part. This is also a message to Anwar as an MP. Whether the MPs want to take it as a ‘binding’ message or not, is a personal matter.

But some legal experts are sure it has no legal value, thus all hell can still break loose in the political arena.

After all, they play politics on the ground and in Parliament where the numbers count. And in this aspect, there is now growing certainty PM Muhyiddin Yassin does not have the numbers. Unless he is capable to prove the contrary with a no-confidence vote in Parliament.

This means Anwar still can pull his magic in Parliament without too much worry whether the rulers will lambast him for making his move.

Losing this opportunity will mean Anwar did not have the guts to take power when it was begging!


Second, there is the issue of loyalty in Parliament. MPs are bonded—morally—to their parties. The parties that gave them the seats to become MPs. Making a deal with MPs from other parties involve their leaders.

This was Anwar’s suggestion on Oct 13 after his meeting with the Agong at the Istana Negara.

During a presser, he said he had letters from the leaders of the parties whose MPs supported him. They were from Umno, MIC and the PH partners.

Thus, he went through the leaders of the parties to gain the support of the MPs. However, when trouble started between Muhyiddin and the Umno, the party shifted its views and is now in apparent full support of Muhyiddin. Though, as confusing as it is, some Umno MPs are pushing for a no-confidence vote against the PM.

Other MPs from Umno are urging the PM to quit after a moral backlash from the Royal Rulers.

It is clear the Umno is not thinking as one and Anwar should keep using this to his advantage, however ugly is sounds.


Anwar also has the problems with the PH partners who are not so supportive of his move to become PM. They wanted to be in the loop on every single move by Anwar.

However, Anwar had decided that some secrecy was necessary in order to prevent the massive pressure from the ruling coalition on its own MPs.

The ‘emergency’ flop episode is an indication of what the ruling coalition can do to fight back against any attempts to bring it down.

Perhaps Anwar was worried the MPs supporting him would be bought over or there would be a crackdown against them.

It also show that Anwar could not trust some people in the PH for him not to reveal the entire plan to the coalition.

But now is time for Anwar to do what is necessary to consolidate the PH. It has to start by first strengthening Keadilan.

It is not the party alone that needs to be looked after. The State of Selangor also needs attention. Is the state exco loyal to the central leadership?

Questions are being asked on social media and the peopel are getting wary of some figures in Keadilan for their past association with the betrayers who left for Bersatu.

Anwar has to go down the terrain and uplift the party before he can present a strong and united front within the PH.


He also has to deal with the wandering DAP which is a party that is becoming as fractitious as the Keadilan was during the party’s 22 months stint in power.

The DAP is not missing on any opportunity to hit back at Anwar as if he was the enemy within. Anwar has to address that and rope the DAP in. Letting them wander like they are today will only hurt the PH and hurt Anwar’s chances of becoming PM.

There are concerns, according to some sources, in high quarters that the DAP is not loyal enough to Anwar. It is surprising though.

DAP says it is abiding by the PH presidential council decision to stick to Anwar as their future PM. Then why this show of disloyalty?

The problem may well stem from the DAP. But it is for Anwar to get them on their seats and discuss the immediate future with them.

Do they need assurances from Anwar that he will not work with Najib Razak and Zahid Hamidi? He can give them such assurances. He did say in one of his recent pressers that he will let the courts decide their fate. Fair enough.

But why is the DAP finding it no so fair to work with Najib if he admits his faults?

There is also the DAP leader Anthony Loke who is saying he is willing to make a deal with Muhyiddin on the Budget and until PRU15!

With such confusion running in PH, it is no doubt the road for Anwar as PM is riddled with mysteries.

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