Are we seeing the final days of the Trump era?

Are we witnessing the final days of the Trump era? This is the big question but if it is not, then are the Dems in crisis?

President Donald Trump is a rare specie. He is not a politician and did not act like one for four years.

Instead, he acted like a novice at time while most of the time he was just the business man chasing a deal.

We are in the final hours of the American presidential election campaign and voting has already started.


But one thing will mark Trump’s presidency. It was scandalous. There were no end to scandals surrounding Trump at the White House.

Unlike the Clinton era, Trump did not get caught with a Lewinsky. Yet, the White House saw a fair share of firing and resignations.

The meddling in investigations, the leaks and the wall of shame with the cages for children at the border with Mexico. They will remain part of the ugly moments in Trump’s rule.

Altogether, how to forget the days when Trump decided to tear deals apart and sign decrees to by-pass the Congress.

Since winning four years ago, in a fluke of our electoral system, he has been the most omnipresent, overexposed President in American history.

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And this overexposure did not help Trump win more support. Instead, it got him a longer list of enemies.

There are many celebs¬†who used their platform to criticize Trump’s policies. Some attacked him personally. No other president in our time faced such criticism like Trump.

He is called all sorts of names while politicians made fun of him and even told him publicly to ‘shut up’.

If George W. Bush Jr was a drag and was overrated, Trump is perhaps an inch below the crusader.


At the start of his reign, Trump proved to be an economic maestro.

As of September 2020, compared to the levels when Trump was inaugurated in January 2017, real GDP was 3.7% higher, the number of persons employed was 3% lower, the unemployment rate was 3.2 percentage points higher, the number of persons without health insurance was 16% higher, and the stock market was 48% higher.

The stock market was Trump’s glorious moment. But the Mexico wall and the banning of Muslim countries were his dim moments at that time.

Perhaps the trade war with China did not help Trump as he would have expected.

It dragged on far too long and Trump seemed not prepared to face the response from China. He wanted to sell them a deal, that is to work with America and not to steal from America.

But the Chinese seemed more prepared and counter-attacked with some fine arguments and tactics.

Nevertheless, we all know there are no winners in a war and as of today, Trump did not defeat China in the trade war.


When Trump took power in 2016, WFTV.LIVE said his foreign policy will be one of the carrot and the stick.

It was and it worked in some cases but it did not in others. It went well with North Korea and some Arab countries.

But it failed with the Chinese, perhaps because the Chinese has more support in the U.S. than expected.

Beijing also have more support in the international arena, unlike Pyongyang or Amman and Dubai.

But COVID-19 may be the last straw for Trump. It destroyed everything he had built in the three years in power.

It also got China free from Trump’s trade war and damaged the Trump’s resolve to fight China at all cost.

Trump showed he was still after China but with the limitations imposed in fighting COVID-19, he had to abandon half of his tactics against China.

The economy is now in doll drums and it is not Trump who should take the blame.

But the people can be pitiless and who ever is in power in a time of crisis will pay the price of their anger.

The end of the Trump era sounds like the end of Communist rule in the USSR or Russia.

But for the Dems and for China, it may sound like the tanks and the troops marching towards Berlin!

A win for Joe Biden will liberate both the Dems and Beijing from a burden that only COVID-19 could undo for them!

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