Tight race but Trump is doing good in key states

It is a tight race for the Presidential elections but Donald Trump seems to be doing very well in key states.

Joe Biden and Trump have each won numerous states they were favored to win. But there are tight races unfolding in major swing states where Trump has the lead.

For the Democrats who were hoping for a landslide, it is turning sour with a tight race shaping up.

At the time of writing Trump has 174 electoral votes against 213 for Biden. But nothing is done while Trump is still leading in the key states. These are the states that will deliver the most electoral votes in the end.

It is not a repudiation of Trump just as many people would expect. It is on the contrary, a succession of shock results shaping up.

Trump has leads in 7 out of the 8 key states of Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan and Philadelphia. Biden has practically won Arizona.

But this is not the only terrible news for the Dems. The Republicans are leading in the Congress according to a New York Times count.

The Dems and the Republicans are neck and neck in the Senate race.

Democrats gained a Senate seat in Colorado but lost one in Alabama and the Dems have also won one swing state so far.


One thing is certain. Just like in 2016, the pollsters were wrong. They are way off from the reality.

While they gave Biden a double digit lead for most of the campaign, Trump appears to have narrowed the lead in the last days.

According to Associated Press, Biden has:


Trump has:


AP gives Biden 223 electoral votes, which means he is short of the 270 crucial number by 40. He is very close to winning the presidential elections.

However, with Trump’s lead in the key states, which could earn him another 144 electoral votes. This will bring his total to 289. He currently has 145.

Only a last minute change in the trend and a comeback from Biden in these states can salvage his bid to become President.

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