Georgia flips for Biden prompting Trump to declare war

The state of Georgia has just flipped in favour of Joe Biden in a blow to President Donald Trump.

The nail-biting elections are not over but the trend is now pretty much in favour of Biden.

The Democratic candidate is on his way to secure the electoral votes in Georgia which was showing Trump leading all the way.

It is in the final stretch that Biden is winning and this is forcing Trump to declare war.

Declaring electoral fraud, Trump says if the legal votes are counted, he won the elections.

He promised significant legal action to challenge elections in important swing states.

In the past 24 hours, Trump could only watch his margin of victory whittled away by late-counted ballots.

A large majority of the mail-in ballots favours Biden.

Trump is casting doubt on the Democrat-run voting systems and mail-in ballots opened the election up to fraud.

Trump is not conceding defeat yet because he knows the country is divided.

While Trump is on a war path, a war he may not win in the end if he loses the Presidency, Biden has called for patience.

The former vice president said he was confident he would be named the winner.

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