Singapore slips in the big oil spill scandal in Mauritius

With the promises of the clean up of the massive oil spill in Mauritius by January, questions are being raised about the role of Singapore in the scandal.

The country of the mother of all fines was the last stop for refuelling for the Wakashio.

However, the Japanese oil tanker slipped through the tight regulations in this top notch nation.

Singapore is known as premier hub for fuelling ships and it does not let ships like Wakashio through.

The old Japanese tanker was written off as a total constructive loss on July 25.

And yet, it made its way to Mauritius where it broke in two on the reefs of pristine lagoons, spilling at tons of oil.

Forbes indicate that satellite data shows Wakashio did refuelling in the Port of Singapore on June 1 and June 2.


The paper says both fuel stops are relevant for the oil spill inquiry taking place in Mauritius.

The big question is how did the ship escape the thorough checks and enforcements in Singapore?

The vessel, chartered by Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd, ran aground on a reef in Mauritius on July 25 and began leaking oil on August 6.

The clean-up of a massive oil spill will likely be mostly completed by January.

The bulk carrier’s owner, Japan’s Nagashiki Shipping, says Thursday work to remove the oil was proceeding smoothly.

Roughly 1,000 tons of oil spilled has been removed so far. But environmentalists are worried of the long term effect it will have on the corals.

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