Silence on Mahathir confirms the rot in the PH

The silence of the partners of the Keadilan on Dr Mahathir Mohamad confirms the rot that has gripped the Pakatan Harapan.

Their tight tongue is evidence of their allegiance to the old fox but it is also indication of disunity in PH.

Dr Mahathir says Anwar Ibrahim is not the right fit to be PM of Malaysia citing the 1997 economic crisis.

However, Mahathir has twisted the facts and is not telling the whole story behind the 1997 Ringgit collapse.

It is Mahathir’s mismanagement that contributed largely to the situation but his selective memory fails him.

Nevertheless, our attention is on the PH leaders and component parties.

They are silent and did not come to the defence of Anwar, their leader.

Some MPs did not hesitate to take the middle ground in refusing to condemn or criticise Mahathir on his falsehoods.

Keadilan MPs are hitting hard at Mahathir for his attacks against Anwar. They are rallying behind their leader.


Needless to say, the PH component parties are not in tune with Keadilan on Mahathir.

The poison ivy has bitten the hands of the people who accepted him in PH. They sacrificed principles and offended some reformists to make Mahathir PM for the second time.

Ungrateful, Mahathir is now fighting hard to become PM for the third time. To do that, he has to bring down Anwar and break the PH.

He has filled the veins and the guts of the other parties with shamelessness. He instilled mistrust among them.

But in reality, he achieved his aims within the PH because he saw the greed and vainness of some leaders.

When he endeared them with ministerial posts he gave them a taste of the ‘Stockholm syndrome’.

These are the same people who were fighting the BN saying you should bite the hand that feed you.

They are now those who are not able to bite the hand of Mahathir who gave them everything they wanted!


They are longing for him to be PM to fulfil their urge to be in power again.

It has nothing to do with Reformasi, a platform they used to achieve their personal gains.

They rode on Anwar’s back to win more seats and gain access to government posts.

And now, they have outgrown Keadilan to the point they are cocksure they can do without Anwar to regain power.

The question is what is the Keadilan doing among this bunch of betrayers?

While they were in power, they did not push for the reform agenda. Instead, they towed behind Mahathir to abide by all his nonsense.

Many of them showed their limitations by chasing shadows instead of delivering, Many became arrogant and earned the hatred and ire of the population.

Some jumped ship to betray the reform agenda and adopt a far-right stance with the PN in power.

What’s next?

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