How to benefit from the $120 billion laundry detergent industry?

Why ship detergents in bulky containers when they now come in strips that reduce the cost of shipping and is easy to use!

Yes. That is a billion dollar question, is it not? You who are reading this would be saying WFTV is going crazy!

No. We are not. We are now shifting business to a more matured network. And this include telling stories that other portals rarely tell you.

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A study by Meetglimpse shows the laundry detergent market is fast growing but it is also radically changing.

Lighter weight with detergents in smaller packets are gaining momentum and will cause a revolution in this industry. That is if it is not already doing that.

A report from Meetglimpse says this is being done by moving the industry from a 3D product to a 2D one.

They are called laundry detergent strips and they are radically changing the game of laundry detergent.

Instead of bulky detergent containers, a package of laundry strips is small and lightweight enough fit in a flat mailer, shifting the default sales channel from in-store to online. 

It is also coming in cloth strips similar to the wet wipes or sanitizer wipes but it contains detergents and is searched as a Cleaning Laundry Detergent Sheet

Nevertheless, the idea is to bring a drastic reduction in costs, on everything from shipping to storage.

Companies selling laundry strips are now competing with big companies.

Watch the awesome video below:

NOTE: We are not promoting the brand displayed in the video

The Meetglimpse report says it is easier to ship something in its smallest possible form.

“With detergent, the product typically comes in a jug or in water-dissolving pouches, meaning that the liquid makes its journey from the manufacturer, to the retailer, and finally to the end consumer. 

But with laundry strips, the bulkiest part of the product—the water—comes from the utility company directly into the washing machine,” says the report.

It says these drastic product changes have led to industry shifts. 

Tru Earth, the largest brand behind laundry strips, is the second-fastest-growing company in Canada, with revenue rising from $0 in 2018 to a $30 million run-rate as of last month.

You can buy those on Amazon, Lazada, Shopie etc. And we believe such products are also available for dropship.

Cover Photo By: Photo by Nick Page on Unsplash

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