MMM rejects MSM offer to rope Joanna in as deputy PM

The MMM has rejected MSM’s offer of a post of Deputy PM to Joanna Berenger, a source told WFTV.LIVE.

Our source says the MSM made a bold move to approach people in the MMM and the PMSD to offer a truce.

The truce include the nomination of Joanna as second in command in a MSM-MMM-PMSD government.

MSM has also offered the PMSD the post of speaker of the House and suggested the name of Adrien Duval for the post.

According to the source which is close to the parties involved, the negotiations took place this week.

The MMM has rejected the offer and is not going to participate in a government with Pravind Jugnauth as PM.

We have not heard anything from the PMSD, however, We sent questions to the leader of the party, Xavier Duval.

Persons with knowledge of the offer told WFTV.LIVE the MMM did not want to pursue any talks with the MSM at this stage.

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The party, the source say, is not budging from its demands for the government to quit.

The MMM, our source says, is prepared for elections and will continue to work with the Labour and PMSD on an accord that unites the political forces against the corrupt regime in power.

Some leaders of the MMM, according to the source, believe this is a fresh attempt by the desperate regime to divide the opposition.

By omitting the Labour Party in such a proposal, they intend to show there is division among the opposition.

Note: Apologies for wrongly put the name of the PMSD member as Alexandre Duval.

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